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Wealth Management Associates LLC is an accounting and business management firm providing tax and financial services to high-income and high net worth clients. Formed in 2003 by founding partner Marc Moscowitz, Wealth Management Associates represents clients in the entertainment and sports industries, including high-profile singers, songwriters, rappers, rock bands, music producers, film directors, talent management companies, media executives, and athletes. The company presently has staffed offices in New York City, Atlanta and Los Angeles.


Our goal is to provide comprehensive and complete financial services that grow and conserve our clients’ wealth, while providing life-long financial security.


Our company provides services to clients with a structure that rests on a foundation supported by the Three Pillars that form our operational principles: Accessibility, Accountability, and Transparency.
I. Accessibility: The company supports the client with a team that is always knowledgeable, reachable, and responsive to the client’s needs. The client can rest assured that he can always make contact with a team member he knows.
II. Accountability: The staff at Wealth Management takes responsibility for assuring that the client’s needs are met, that client instructions are carried out, and that the work is done correctly.
III. Transparency: We report all financial positions, profit and loss, as well as our activity on the client’s behalf regularly, and as frequently as the client requires. Full financial reporting is timely and is done monthly at the very least. We keep client records on a “real-time” basis, so accurate information is available to the client at any time.
By adhering to these core beliefs, we provide the highest level of quality and security to our clients. We help our clients plan for a successful future that stems way beyond the term of their careers. The ability to be financially secure for a lifetime is an invaluable service that we provide.
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